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About Us

We're innovative

We’re developing a novel and revolutionary cancer diagnostics technology that fits into your clinical workflow

We're passionate

We’re driven by the idea that we can make a real difference, both for patients with cancer, and clinicians diagnosing and treating cancer

We're professional

Our team is committed to the development and scaling of our technology for the cancer diagnostics market

We’re developing the next generation of cancer diagnostic test

High accuracy

High sensitivity and specificity for tumour detection, with a low false-positive rate

Advanced analysis

Fusion of cutting-edge signal detection with the power of AI classification

Clear reporting

Easy to follow clinical report with focused information on your patient

Rapid turnaround

A fast turnaround from blood sample to clinical report

Our Team

Dr James Larkin
CEO and Co-Founder

An entrepreneurial medical scientist specialising in metabolomics techniques and the design and implementation of clinical metabolomics pipelines

Dr Trevor Phillips
Executive Chairman

Experienced Pharma Industry executive with business leadership and corporate development roles in public and private companies in UK and USA

Prof. Nicola Sibson

Professor of Experimental Neuroimaging at the University of Oxford and world-leading imaging scientist with expertise in early detection of cancer

Prof. Daniel Anthony

Professor of Experimental Neuropathology at the University of Oxford with a substantial track record in delivering clinical metabolomics studies

Dr Fay Probert

Dorothy Hodgkin Career Development Fellow at the University of Oxford, mathematician, chemist and data scientist, with expertise in development of metabolomics technologies

Prof. Tim Claridge

Professor of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance at the University of Oxford, world-leading chemist and inventor of NMR spectroscopy techniques for implementation in metabolomics studies

Our Awards

Latest News

Landmark cancer detection paper published

Wednesday, Jan 5, 2022

Today we published our study in Clinical Cancer Research outlining how our new blood test can be used to detect a range of cancers and whether these cancers have spread (metastasised) in the body.

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